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Prevent Flooding, Be Proactive!

Contributed by Chris Michna-President ABC Waterproofing

1000’s of home-owners were victims of the intense flooding that occurred over the past couple of years in Etobicoke. Creating 10’s of millions in damage, people are wondering how to take preventative steps. Though we can’t be 100% guaranteed against damage, here are some proactive suggestions.

Seal all cracks and openings in walls, floors, windows and foundations. Clear eavestroughs and down spouts of leaves and other debris. Disconnect down spouts and make sure of proper drainage, ideally 6 and a half feet from your foundation’s walls.  Ensure that the grading slopes away from the foundation.

ABC Waterproofing Plastering
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Increase the green space around the house with plants and shrubs and install porous pavement to help absorb water. Repair damaged weeping tiles and clear debris from roadside catch basins to help water enter the storm sewer. Ensure drainage swales between properties are maintained and clear of obstructions.

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