My Etobicoke

My Etobicoke
“My Etobicoke” was launched in the spring of 2015 by David Lee, a long-time resident of south Etobicoke. With decades in the marketing and publishing profession, David’s mission was to introduce his fellow residents to the amazing number of world-class businesses that abound minutes from our homes.
Through a uniquely sized magazine (8″ x 8″), the prime focus was to deliver quality imagery, informative articles and savings in the form of valuable coupons that are simply unmatched by any other printed product that you find in your mailbox.

Since inception, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. What began as a limited distribution zone to residents of Humber Bay Shores has now (in less than 12 months) broadened to reach people from all of south Etobicoke including communities such as the Kingsway, Queensway, Mimico, Long Branch, New Toronto, and Islington Village.

Etobicoke residents love “My Etobicoke” because it is THE go-to directory to source the best businesses in the area. Restaurants, spas, retail outlets, health care facilities, home services, fashion…all sponsors are very generous with their incentives in the form of coupons/savings. And no wonder! Who doesn’t like saving money?!!

With the introduction of our website, we are now extending the “My Etobicoke” brand to all residents of Etobicoke. Our mission is to deliver to your laptop, desktop, smart phone and tablets the on-line version of THE go-to guide in our area.

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My Etobicoke