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The art of creating the perfect pizza…

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Rocco Silvaggio

Chef Rocco has established a reputation for his creative flair when it comes to world-class Italian culinary expertise.  From mouth-watering pastas to delicious seafood creations, loyal food aficionados flock from all parts of the GTA to indulge in what can only be described as a one-of-a-kind dining experience.  To celebrate the imminent arrival of spring, Chef Rocco is turning his attention to one of his favourite dishes:  Pizza!!

But first, a little history according to Rocco:  “Pizza is said to have originated on the streets of Naples, to affordably feed ordinary working people.  The roots are distinctly southern Italian and pizza is considered a food of the city.  The original tradition was to eat the pizza folded in quarters, held in a napkin and enjoyed like a sandwich.  The Association Vera Pizza Napoletana laid down strict rules for the making and cooking of pizza in order to sell it as Pizza Napoletana.”

Rocco elaborates:  “Little stuffed and deep-fried pizzelle and panzerotti are other examples of street food  from Naples and Campania.  Throughout Italy, other types of hearth breads such as focaccia and schiacciata were made at home…convenient and hearty and perfect for any budget.”

Rocco's Plum Tomato Pizza Dough
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“The key to any great pizza is in the crust.  The only necessary ingredients are water, flour, yeast and salt.  However, adding olive oil brings about great texture and flavor.  The water should be soft (distilled or bottled) and the sea salt should be grounded to bring out that impeccable crunch on the outside and steaming hot chewiness on the inside.  The sauce should use only the finest of ingredients and my advice is to keep the toppings as simple as possible.  The crust loses its crunch and becomes limp with too many toppings.”

Italian Pizza Rocco's Plum Tomato

“Most importantly, the pizza has to be served HOT, straight out of the oven.  It should be so hot to the touch that the first slice requires a fork and knife.”

For the spring months, Chef Rocco is celebrating pizza.  Aside from traditional pizzas with your favourite toppings, be sure to sample some of his more creative interpretations:  Some suggestions include “Margherita”, “Four Cheese”, “Arrabiata”, “Bianca”, “Garlic/Mushroom”, “Fiorentina”, “Sicilian Prawn/Shrimp), “Pancetta”, amongst many others.

Whether for take-out or dine-in, you’ll find your favourite at Rocco’s Plum.  Simply delicious.  Simply amazing.


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